I went to St. Pauls in Gander back in the days when it was a high school. I played a number of sports in junior high and high school, but my favorite, by far, was wrestling. A lot of that had to do with the nature of the sport, and my teammates and friends that were also involved, but my coach also played a huge role in why I enjoyed wrestling so much, why I have such great memories, and why it had such an impact on me.
In 1978, when I was in grade 7, Gary Janks, was the wrestling coach. He taught us all a lot about the sport of wrestling, the skills and moves required that helped us in high school. He taught about the value of practice and conditioning and what it takes to win. But he taught us so much more that has served us well in the years since then. I have taken those lessons that related to wrestling and realized that the same dedication and effort is required no matter where your sport, life or work leads you. He taught us that the same qualities that are required to be successful on the mat are required to be successful in life.

Bob Richard